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Eye On Magazine DECEMBER 2022!


So, December, the last month in 2022. Time can be so elusive, so familiar, and so alien, somehow all at the same time. I am perpetually shocked and yet, it all seems to be just right. But, here we are, readying for Christmas and then it's on to New Year! So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We cover the Grubbs Mayoral Race and it's newly elected officials. We also thank those who served before and are grateful for the work they've done. Hope they are all well and have a great holiday season. As we do You, our reader. We look forward to doing more, trying new things, and reaching you in every way possible. Drop us a line, give us your thoughts, your ideas, and please....Read On!

Everything you need that is EYE ON should be here, in this issue or on this website (via our Drop lists tab), if you need something else: email us at or call/text to 870.503.1150. Enjoy!

Eye On Magazine is ON!


Kimberlee and I are working to improve your Magazine. We are working toward better distribution, digitally and with our hard copy prints. Keep an Eye On our Evolution!

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