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Eye On Magazine JULY Issue


Greg Witte and Bill "Rhino" Morton grace our cover this month in our cover on Bald Knob VFW Post 10007! We want to thank these veterans for their service and for giving us an insight into this unique VFW Post! There is much more to their service than we could cover as deeply as it deserves! Learn more about their Post in the article and about all of the other fine reads we have in store for you, this July!

Everything you need that is EYE ON should be here, in this issue or on this website (via our Drop lists tab or Past Issues tab), if you need something else: email us at or call/text to 870.503.2226. Enjoy!

Eye On Magazine is ON!


Kimberlee and I are working to improve your Magazine. We are working toward better distribution, digitally and with our hard copy prints. Keep an Eye On our Evolution!

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