White River Water Carnival Dance History


Share your won Water Carnival Stories with us! Thanks to Butch Ketz for sharing this historic list of WRWC Dance history
1938 Crouch Building / Bill Baro and his 17 piece Orchestra
1939 Crouch Building / Nationally Famous Orchestra
1940 Crouch Building / Unknown
1941 Crouch Building / Bob Crosby and his Orchestra
1948 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Teddy Phillips
1949 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Unknown
1950 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Ted Weem’s Orchestra
1951 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Frankie Masters and his Orchestra
1952 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Clyde McCoy’s Orchestra
1953 Gray’s Rollo-Rink / Hal McIntyre and his Orchestra
1954 Armory / Joe Reichman and his Orchestra
1955 Armory / Russ Carlyle and his Orchestra
1956 Armory / Roy Orbison
1957 Armory / Unknown
1958 Armory / Teddy Phillips and his Orchestra
1959 Armory / Ray Franklin’s Orchestra featuring Elmo Tanner
1960 Armory / Ray Franklin’s Orchestra
1961 Armory / Bill Black and his Combo
1962 Armory / Unknown
1963 Armory / The Ace Cannon Band
1964 Armory / Gene Simmons and The Pacers
1965 White River Stadium / The Gentrys
1966 White River Stadium / Sir Doyles Quintet and Willie Mitchell Band
1967 White River Stadium / Sir Doyles Quintet and Willie Mitchell Band
1968 JayCee Building / Willie Mitchell Trio and Bill Black Combo
1969 JayCee Building / Willie Mitchell Band
1970 JayCee Building / The Road Runners
1971 JayCee Building / Solotones
1972 JayCee Building / Saint James Group and Solotones
1973 JayCee Building / Saint Peters Road Show and The House
1974 JayCee Building / Jimmy Payne Band and Raellen and Summer Wine
1975 JayCee Building / Main Squeeze
1976 JayCee Building / Common Good and Jennifer Flowers
1977 JayCee Building / Unknown
1978 JayCee Building / Unknown
1979 JayCee Building / Daybreak
1980 JayCee Building / Blue Monday
1981 JayCee Building / Sugar Bears
1982 JayCee Building / Spare Time
1983 Sponsored by the Batesville Country Club / Common Good
1984 Sponsored by the Batesville Country Club / Pam and the Passions
1985 Sponsored by the Batesville Country Club / Unknown
1986 Sponsored by the Batesville Country Club / Unknown
1987 Sponsored by the Batesville Country Club / Unknown
1988 The Ramada Inn Duck Blind / The Fabulous Reunion Band
1989 The Ramada Inn Duck Blind / The Mustangs
1990 – 1999 Unknown
2000 Riverside Park / Unknown
2001 Riverside Park / Sonny Burgess and the Pacers
2002 Riverside Park / Friday: Jed Clampit, Charlie Robins, Rascal Flatts. Saturday: Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.
2003 Riverside Park / Friday: Mark Wills, Barry Woverton Opening. Saturday: The Vigils and other local bands.
2004 Riverside Park / Friday: Jason D. Williams. Saturday: Wooden Stoves Band
2005 Riverside Park / John Conlee
2006 Riverside Park / John Anderson and Band
2007 Riverside Park / Friday: Oak Ridge Boys. Saturday: Jimmie Van Zant
2008 Riverside Park / Local bands
2009 Batesville Country Club / Jokers and the Kentucky Headhunters
2010 Batesville Country Club / Jokers
2011 Riverside Park / Crossin’ Dixon and Danny Dozier & Friends
2013 Riverside Park / Ashley Judge
2014 Riverside Park / The Jokers



Members of the US Army, Navy and Air Force Reserves will be offering free medical services to the public age two years and older from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 25 through August 2 at Harris Clinic-East, 2000 McLain Street in Newport. Services include medical screening and non-emergency medical treatment, dental exams/extractions/cleanings, plus optometry exams and free glasses (single vision/one pair only). Open to anyone in Jackson County and the surrounding areas on a first come, first served basis. Does not include emergencies, OB exams/treatment, root canals/crowns/fillings.

Harris Clinic East
2000 McLain Newport Arkansas

WRHS Awarded Grant for Free Mammograms


White River Health System (WRHS) received a $34,400 grant from the Arkansas Affiliate of Komen for the Cure for its GYM (Get Your Mammogram) program. The grant money allows WRHS to provide uninsured and under-insured women in the service area with potentially life-saving mammography services, such as clinical breast exams, screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds and ultrasound guided needle biopsies.
This is the eighth consecutive year of funding for a program of this type at WRHS. In just the past three years, The Komen Foundation and WRHS have provided 896 services to 716 individuals and detected 10 breast cancers.
The program primarily serves women ages 40 to 64 who cannot afford mammography services and are not covered by commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or Arkansas BreastCare. Younger women may also qualify if their physician determines they have a significant clinical risk or family history of breast cancer. Those who cannot afford an office visit to a family physician for a mammogram may qualify for an office visit at no cost. Women who wish to participate in this project must first make an appointment with a personal primary care physician for a clinical breast exam and obtain a physician’s order for a mammogram.
“We are grateful for the opportunity to, once again, provide the women throughout our area who may not otherwise afford it with the ability to get necessary breast health services,” said Dana Thomas, WRHS Grants Project Manager.
This year marks the 20th Arkansas Komen for the Cure has awarded grants to healthcare institutions around the state to provide education, breast care services, and conduct clinic research to fight breast cancer. These funds are predominantly raised through the Race for the Cure®. This year a total of $1,006,737 was awarded.
“We are delighted by the amount we were able to issue in grants this year,” said Arkansas Affiliate Executive Director Sherrye McBryde. “It is directly due to the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. Additionally, $340,000 has been used for breast cancer research to help find the cure.”
The American Cancer Society recommends clinical breast exams at least every three years for all women in their 20s and 30s and yearly exams for women ages 40 and older. Women interested in taking advantage of free mammograms provided by WRHS and Komen are encouraged to contact Thomas at 870-262-1035 or dthomas2@wrmc.com to see if they qualify.

Lyon hires new Vice President for Business and Finance


Lyon College is pleased to announce that John Jones will join the Lyon staff this summer as the new Vice President for Business and Finance.
Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, Jones said he and his wife of 34 years are looking forward to being part of a close-knit community again.
“ I knew about Lyon from time I spent at the University of the Ozarks. Lyon is a well-respected institution with a good reputation. I was just blown away by the people at Lyon. They have a plan, and they’re ready to follow through. I think the momentum is going in the right direction, and I want to be part of that,” Jones said.
Jones served as the Vice President for Finance at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Ark, from 1997-2004. During his time there, he met Dr. Caroline Whitson, who would later go on to become president of Columbia College in Columbia, S.C. Whitson requested Jones join her at Columbia, but at the time, Jones had prior obligations to fulfill at the Ozarks. In 2004 when the position of Vice President for Finance opened again at Columbia, Jones was hired and served at Columbia until June 2013.
“After that I took some much needed time off,” he said.
Jones earned his bachelor’s in accountancy and his M.B.A from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He passed all parts of the Certified Public Accountants Examination on his first attempt.
Jones said he keeps his management approach simple and treats others with the respect he wants to receive.
“I’m a pretty basic person. You’ve got to keep things simple. If I can understand it, everyone else can understand it,” Jones said. “You have to manage your expenses and have reasonable revenue expectations. You can’t just spend without a plan. That’s one of the things that attracted me to Dr. Weatherman and Lyon. There’s a pretty solid plan in place.
“I don’t micromanage, and I try to have an open door policy. I treat people with respect and expect that same respect in return. I’m very excited about the direction Lyon is going and the opportunity this position offers.”

WRMC Cancer Care Center Completes Upgrade


The new Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator is up and running at the White River Medical Center (WRMC) Cancer Care Center. The linear accelerator delivers radiation during cancer treatment. It is most often used in treatment of head and neck, breast, lung and prostate cancer.
The state-of-the-art TrueBeam Linear Accelerator is the centerpiece of a $3M upgrade that also includes upgrades to computers and software used for treatment planning. It offers many advantages to cancer patients; the most important, perhaps, being precision. A major aspect of the machine is the image guided radiotherapy, which provides
Radiation Therapists and Oncologists with a detailed digital image that allows them to pinpoint the exact location of the area being treated. The new equipment also allows the treatment team more control over the shape of the radiation beam and the dose of radiation delivered to the affected area.
“The linear accelerator captures images in a way that we weren’t able to do before,” said John Allgood, MD, WRMC Cancer Care Center Radiation Oncologist. “We can make changes in position in increments as small as a millimeter (3/64”) for some patients.”
This precision provides more effective treatment to the targeted area, while avoiding the healthy tissues that surround it.
Along with the installation of the new equipment came a complete remodel for the Radiation Therapy Suite.
“The linear accelerator is large, and can be very intimidating. The suite has been remodeled to make a more calming, relaxing atmosphere,” said Jami Smotherman, Tumor Registrar at the WRMC Cancer Care Center. “We even have the capability to connect our patients’ iphones or ipods to a speaker so they can listen to their favorite music while they are getting treatment.”
Nina Allen of Tuckerman was the first patient to use the TrueBeam Linear Accelerator. She admits that she appreciates the fact that it doesn’t affect the way she feels at all. “I’ve had a few treatments now in the new machine, and each time I feel the same coming out as I did going in. It’s very comfortable and quick,” she says. “I come to Batesville for everything health-related, so it’s nice to be able to get this kind of treatment here.”
The WRMC Cancer Care Center is located at 525 Virginia Drive. For more information, call (870) 262-6200. Related images found in June issue of Eye On Independence FACES!

Interventional Cardiologist Joins Medical Staff at WRMC


Gary L. Bebow, CEO of White River Medical Center (WRMC) is pleased to announce the addition of Athan Stoyioglou, MD to the Medical Staff as an Interventional Cardiologist. Dr. Stoyioglou will be in private practice at Cardiology Associates, located at 253 Virginia Drive.
Dr. Stoyioglou specializes in treating patients with heart disease. He will offer cardiac consultation, cardiac catheterization and stents, stress testing, pacemaker and automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD) implantation as well as help with management of cholesterol, irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), and other heart conditions.
Dr. Stoyioglou received his Medical Degree from Aristotle University in Greece. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He also completed a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine and a Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He is Board Certified in Interventional Cardiology with Peripheral Endovascular Training, as well as Clinical Cardiology and Nuclear Cardiology. Dr. Stoyioglou has more than 20 years of practice experience.
“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Stoyioglou to Batesville and to WRMC,” said Bebow. “The addition of Dr. Stoyioglou allows WRMC to provide even greater Interventional Cardiology coverage.”
Dr. Stoyioglou is now accepting new patients. Appointments are accepted by referral from the patients’ primary care physician. Dr. Stoyioglou accepts commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance offered under Arkansas’ Private Option. To reach Dr. Stoyioglou’s office, call (870) 273-8961.
WRMC is a 235-bed regional referral center and the flagship facility of White River Health System (WRHS). WRHS is a not-for-profit healthcare system serving residents throughout North Central Arkansas. The system includes hospitals, outpatient facilities, primary care and specialty physician office practices. White River Health System is a member of the Premier Alliance, the American Hospital Association, and the Arkansas Hospital Association and licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health.
Athan Stoyioglou

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