Eye On Magazine FEBRUARY 2023!


On toward Spring! We see the shoots and buds of another fine year shaping up all around us. Plant life can't contain their excitement and burst free weather permitting or not! We hope that You and Yours have a taste of that same excitement for life and family and the endeavors that drives us forward. Endeavor to hold those dreams You've wanted for so long, You are worthy, Beautiful, and Divine!

Everything you need that is EYE ON should be here, in this issue or on this website (via our Drop lists tab), if you need something else: email us at eyeonjoseph@eyeonmag.com or call/text to 870.503.1150. Enjoy!

Eye On Magazine is ON!


Kimberlee and I are working to improve your Magazine. We are working toward better distribution, digitally and with our hard copy prints. Keep an Eye On our Evolution!

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